Young Nudy And 21 Savage’s NSFW ‘Peaches & Eggplants’ Video Is As Raunchy And Twerk-tastic As It Can Get

Young Nudy‘s album Gumbo has been out for three months, and his promotion for it is still going strong. He shared the first video since its release today, tapping his cousin 21 Savage to throw their own mini-Freaknik in the park in the visual accompaniment for “Peaches & Eggplants.” The title, an obvious reference to the two most sexually-charged emojis, gives listeners a hint of what the video’s going to contain: A lot of booty.

The video features a crowd of women shaking, wining, popping, and twerking all over the park — including on the playground equipment, which… I hope they wiped that down — as 21 and Nudy recount their tales of romantic liaisons (lol), smoke, drink, and enjoy the show.

Gumbo arrived in March after nearly 200 of Nudy’s songs leaked. Although he was rightly pretty annoyed about the violation, he seems to have taken everything in stride. “I’m 100 percent finna take my time out to find out 100 percent who exactly is leaking my music,” he threatened. “I’m 100 percent gonna pull up at whatever studio it is and I’m 100 percent gon’ beat your ass, on my mama.”

Although we don’t know if he followed through, it’s nice to see that he’s also remaining focused on supporting the music he did officially drop.

Watch Young Nudy and 21 Savage’s “Peaches & Eggplants” video above.

Gumbo is out now via RCA Records. Get it here.