Yung Lean And Bladee Combine Their Sad Boy And Drain Gang Forces On Their First-Ever Collab Album, ‘Psykos’

Yung Lean has teamed up with his longtime friend and frequent collaborator Bladee for Psykos — their first-ever full-length collaborative album.

On Psykos, the Swedish stars combine the elements of Lean‘s post-punk side project from his alter ego JonatanLeandoer12, with the emotional rawness of songs like “Agony” from Lean’s 2017 album, Stranger.

“Across the album, the two visionaries showcase their own masterful way of blending timeless melodies and poppy hooks with sound beds of ethereal physical instrumentation that feel like a disassociated symphony,” reads a statement accompanying the album release. “An honest and clear-headed album of longing and love lost, Psykos is two artists at the peak of their powers, full of self-assurance.”

While both Bladee and Lean have become household names — especially in Sweden — Lean takes inspiration from various parts of the world. He spoke more about his love of music worldwide back in a 2022 interview with Office.

Hip-hop is very regional, and it’s the same in Sweden. There are rappers from the south that have a special accent. There are rappers from the north, and the same in the States. For me, it was just music, it was way wider than that. Since I traveled around with my mom and dad when I was a kid before my sister was born, and then when I’m 16 — I’m everywhere, so I think I just had to figure out what’s coming from in here, instead of repping your own town, or trying to get the sound from your city, or whatever.

You can see the Psykos cover art and tracklist below.

psykos cover art
World Affairs

1. “Coda”
2. “Ghosts”
3. “Golden God”
4. “Still”
5. “Sold Out”
6. “Hanging From The Bridge”
7. “Enemy”
8. “Things Happen”

Psykos is out now via World Affairs. Find more information here.