Ariana Grande And Lorde Promise New Music While Asking Fans To Vote

A common sentiment about the upcoming election is that it’s a pretty important one. Consequently, entertainers have used their gigantic platforms to encourage their fans to vote. Now, two of the biggest pop stars have done so while promising some new music as well.

Yesterday, Ariana Grande was busy going through the final steps of working on new material when she decided to give fans a peek behind the curtain. She shared a sideways out-of-focus selfie and wrote on Twitter, “turning in these mixes and reminding u again to register to vote if u haven’t already / to vote early.”

The US isn’t the only place with consequential upcoming elections. New Zealand has an election on October 17, and Lorde implored her fellow New Zealanders to vote with the promise of new music. She wrote in an Instagram Story yesterday, “If you’re 18+, it’s time to VOTE! We know we live in a special place. And adding all of our voices to the conversation, speaking up for communities or organisations that mean something to us — that’s what helps us keep it that way.”

She went to to share voting details and added, “This was honestly incredible difficult to format and I hope you can repay me with the humble act of VOTING. Do it for our beautiful country and for me. And next year I’ll give you something in return.”

Meanwhile, a bunch of musicians have shared their thoughts about last night’s vice presidential debate, so check those out here.