Ava Max Is ‘So Happy’ Her Hair Is Finally Growing Back After Claiming A Lot Fell Out When She Had COVID

Not only did Ava Max experience the difficulty of promoting her debut album Heaven & Hell during lockdown, but she also unfortunately caught COVID in 2020. While Max made a full recovery, the singer said she did have one very unfortunate side effect of the virus: hair loss. Thankfully, a year later, her hair is finally growing back.

The singer revealed the status of her hair growth in a video posted to her Instagram Stories. “Baby hairs Comin THRU,” she wrote. “Also so so happy my hair is growing back (I lost a lot of hair when I had COVID).”

The CDC hasn’t confirmed hair loss as a side effect of contracting COVID. But hair loss, or hair shedding, can be a side effect of having a high fever, which many experience with COVID. Furthermore, stress can be a major contributing factor to hair shedding, which may be the case with those who came down with COVID.

Hair loss is always an unwelcome occurrence, but it is particularly unfortunate for someone like Max whose haircut is part of her brand. The singer is known for her lopsided hairdo affectionately named the Max Cut (it’s long on one side and bobbed on the other), which actually was the result of a happy accident. One day, the singer decided to chop off her locks while she was simultaneously baking cookies. The cookies started burning in the oven when she had only cut half her hair, but decided to stick with the style. Since, the Max Cut has since become a metaphor for empowerment the freedom of self-expression she preaches in her music.

Watch Max document her new hair growth above.

Ava Max is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.