Benee Faces Her Biggest Fears In The Shuffling Single ‘Happen To Me’

Following her global breakout thanks to her major hit “Supalonely,” Benee is just a week away from releasing her debut record Hey U, X. Last week, the singer took aim at a jealous ex with her exciting Lily Allen and Flo Milli collaboration “Plain.” Now, Benee follows up the single by exploring some more personal topics on “Happen To Me.”

On the new single, a watery guitar’s downcast chords ripple as Benee sings of her anxiety and depression manifesting in different ways. Sometimes, Benee feels worried that she’ll prematurely pass in a plane crash and other times, she can’t shake the feeling that she’ll get caught in a spontaneous fire. “I think about these things too much / My mind likes to wind itself up / And I don’t get a lot of sleep / ’Cause what if they happen to me?” she sings.

The song speaks about Benee’s mental health journey, which is a territory the singer has held back directly discussing in her previous EPs. Benee spoke to this conscious decision in a recent interview with Uproxx about her upcoming debut album. “I think with this album, I haven’t really held back on experimenting with genres and even lyrics,” Benee said. “Maybe I would have been more hesitant to do some of the things that I’ve done on this album in my previous bodies of work.”

Listen to “Happen To Me” above.

Hey U, X is out 11/13 via Republic. Get it here.

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