All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

This week in the best new pop music saw the return of some major stars. Conan Gray issued his first new single of the year, Taylor Swift hopped on a track with Haim, and Ariana Grande debuted a handful of new songs.

Each week, Uproxx rounds up the best new pop releases. Listen up.

Conan Gray — “Overdrive”

After his breakout debut album Kid Krow earned him millions of adoring fans, Conan Gray returns for his first new song of the year. “Overdrive” takes a turn from much of his previous lovelorn catalog, instead opting for a euphoric beat and maxed-out chorus.

Haim — “Gasoline Feat. Taylor Swift

After sharing their third studio album Women In Music Pt. III, Haim have called upon various musicians to rework some of their tracks. This week, Taylor Swift hopped on a remix of “Gasoline.” Swift lend her vocals on the track, harmonizing with the Haim sisters and providing her own verse about getting back with someone she knows she shouldn’t.

Ariana Grande — “Test Drive”

Ariana Grande served up her sultry No. 1 album Positions last October, but she wasn’t done sharing new music. This week, Grande returned with a batch of new songs as part of the deluxe version of the record. With it came “Test Drive,” a shimmering, synth-heavy anthem about sticking by her ride-or-die.

Elio — “Charger” Feat. Charli XCX

Ever since pop up-and-comer Elio released her emotionally charged EP Can You Hear Me Now? back in January, Charli XCX has had her sights on one song in particular. And this week, the musician got her wish. Charli XCX remixed Elio’s song “Charger,” injecting an off-kilter energy to the already playful tune.

Alexander 23 — “Come Here And Leave Me Alone”

Sad pop aficionado Alexander 23 debuted his sophomore EP Oh No, Not Again!, including the emotionally vulnerable track, “Come Here And Leave Me Alone.” Throughout the ballad, Alexander 23 gets real about his emotions, from crying in the Target parking lot to screaming into his pillow at 3:00 in the morning.

Still Woozy — “Rocky”

Bedroom pop producer Still Woozy has earned a name for himself with his collection of singles dating back to 2017. Now, the musician is back with his atmospheric track “Rocky” to kick off the new year. Over flowing synths, Still Woozy longs of living in a dreamlike world.

Tash Sultana — “Blame It On Society”

Australian singer Tash Sultana released her sophomore album Terra Firma this week, offering up the grounding track “Blame It On Society.” True to her sound, Sultana combines dizzying guitar chords with her measured lyrical delivery, pointing out the flaws that are ingrained our society.

Babygirl — “You Were In My Dream Last Night”

After marking their comeback with the 2020 single “Easy,” rising pop duo Babygirl shares their affecting track “You Were I My Dream Last Night.” About the melodic number, Babgirl says: “We wanted the production to capture the sweetness and the sadness of this experience. When you fall in love for the first time, it’s really hard to imagine it’s ever going to end. And when it does, that idea of “forever” is still lodged somewhere in your subconscious. You visit it and watch it disappear all over again.”

Powfu — “The Way That You See Me” Feat. Rxseboy, Sarcastic Sounds and Ayleen Valentine

Known for his lo-fi beats and earnest lyrics, Powfu returns following his 2020 EP with the lulling track “The Way That You See Me.” In a statement about the single, Powfu said: “This song is a reminder that focusing on your own problems will only continue to weigh you down. Instead, focus on helping take the weight off of others, and you will find your own weight has been lifted as well.”

Andrekza — “Tuve” Feat. Gabriel Garzón-Montano

Andrekza released her debut EP Cassette: Lado A via Steve Aoki’s new Latin music imprint this week. On it arrived the sweltering collaboration with her partner, acclaimed musician Gabriel Garzón-Montano. Injected with a certain playfulness, Andrekza draws on the rhythmic influence of reggaeton and raw lyrical delivery heard in popular emo rap.

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