Billie Eilish Celebrates Her 18th Birthday By Sharing Adorable Old Home Videos

This year, Billie Eilish became the most successful kid in pop music. Although her songs are anything but childish, she was indeed still a minor, which made her many accomplishments all the more impressive. Today, though, she is officially an adult as she celebrates her 18th birthday. Last night, before she officially became a grown-up, Eilish shared a post on Instagram that features adorable home videos of Eilish from throughout the years. Footage of herself either performing or otherwise enjoying family time is combined with more recently filmed clips, as an illustration of Billie’s growth and how far she has come in 18 years.

Eilish previously expressed some apprehension about turning 18, as she said in a recent interview, “I’m genuinely terrified to turn 18, even though I’ve looked forward to turning 18 my whole life. I’m just afraid people are going to be like, ‘Aaand here’s all the hate we feel.’ You know? They normally hold it back a little bit — I mean, they barely hold it back — but a little bit, I feel like people are like, ‘Well, she’s a minor, you know, we won’t say…,’ whatever. I’m worried people are just going to throw it at me. It’s okay, though — I’m excited to turn 18.”

Watch the video above.