Billie Eilish Snapped A Forbidden Star-Studded Selfie From The Met Gala Bathroom

While the Met Gala is traditionally known for a reported no-selfies policy from Vogue‘s Anna Wintour, celebrities have started breaking the rules over the years, sneaking in some group selfies in the famous bathroom.

Billie Eilish kicked off the trend this year by sharing her own squad in the bathroom. She also captioned it with two no-smoking emojis, poking fun that the spot has routinely been a space for celebrities to have their vices. (However, there are also more signs up, making it clear that smoking and vaping are not allowed in there.)

Joined by Halle Bailey, Elle Fanning, and Maya Hawke, the four stars are all smiles and great energy. Eilish, in standard fashion, is also the only one not wearing white out of the three. Specifically, she wore a dress from Simone Rocha, after choosing other designers for her past two years at the event.

“I’m wearing Simone Rocha. She’s just one of my favorites in the world. She doesn’t custom make anything and I was just like please,” she told Emma Chamberlain during an interview at the event.

As for other past Met bathroom selfies, they have featured Rihanna and Rocky, Timmy Chalamet, Rami Malek, Bella Hadid, Alexa Chung, and many more famous faces.