Watch Billie Eilish Perform ‘Sally’s Song’ At Danny Elfman’s ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Concert

Billie Eilish thrilled Angeleno fans of both nightmares and Christmas when the news broke that she’d be appearing at one of Danny Elfman’s Nightmare Before Christmas concerts in LA. Hosted last night at the Banc Of California Stadium, the show was a success with Billie stepping in as Sally to perform “Sally’s Song,” and later joining Elfman as Jack Skellington for a duet of “Simply Meant To Be.” Obviously, celebrations of this magnitude around Halloween last year weren’t possible due to the impact of the pandemic, so fans of ghouls and ghosts came out in droves for the orchestral-backed screening as part of the holiday celebration.

Check out Elfman and Eilish (heh) doing “Simply Meant To Be” right here:

The connection between Billie and Halloween is pretty much a no-brainer considering her first album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? was incredibly eerie and utilized lots of spooky imagery! Now that she’s shifted tone and direction to laidback Parisian jazz for Happier Than Ever, she’s still maintained enough edge and versatility that the casting makes sense. Though other pop stars have recently been making their way into silver screen productions, Billie hasn’t gone that route so far, but based on the above rendition of “Sally’s Song,” maybe she should? Check out that performance up top.