Blue Ivy Has Over A Million Listeners On Spotify, And She Hasn’t Even Released A Song Yet

When your parents are Beyonce and Jay-Z, two of the biggest musicians in the world, of course the spotlight is coming to come early. For Blue Ivy, that meant pretty much the moment she was born, when Jay infamously sampled her baby gurgling for his song, “Glory,” a loosie he released to celebrate the birth of the couple’s first daughter. Crediting Blue on that track meant she currently holds the record as the youngest person to ever chart on Billboard, and according to more research by Chart Data, she’s hitting other milestones:

Part of why Blue has so many listeners on Spotify is because her mother routinely credits her or uses her vocals on songs, and those songs go on to become hits and hugely important parts of pop culture. So while it is fair for them to say she has yet to release a song as the main artist, on Beyonce songs, she’s basically a collaborator. If and when Blue decides to release her own music, she’ll definitely have a fanbase ready and waiting, and that won’t just be on Spotify. All of Roc Nation will be ready to support those songs, but will Blue want to be a musician? We can only wait and see.