Britney Spears Claims She Was ‘Forced’ Into 840 Hours Of ‘Unwanted’ Therapy

Britney Spears has been open with sharing details about her conservatorship journey and now she has offered another one: The pop star was apparently “forced” to undergo a whopping 840 hours of therapy.

In an Instagram post from last night, Spears wrote, “Clarity is such a beautiful WORD !!! No ??? I choose to look at my hands when I’m searching for such ??? As you all have HEARD about my awful therapy sessions … I will have to say I am not at all against therapy !!! I’m just not for being forced to unwanted 840 hours of against your will therapy [shrugging emoji] !!! Guess what ??? 7 months before that I met and had a two hour meeting with two charities that I wanted to help Hillary Clinton with and cut the red string for the key to Las Vegas … then 7 months later they sent me away !!! That’s Hollywood for you !!! Anyway … through it all I must say clarity is what I strived for.”

The post also includes a video of herself with The Weeknd and Euphoria creator Sam Levinson, which Spears says was taken yesterday. Levinson and The Weeknd are working on an HBO series called The Idol, while Spears previously said she was shooting a new film with the same name.