Fans Think Britney Spears’ New Naked Photos Have An Obvious Photoshop Mistake

Britney Spears has really taken to sharing naked (but somewhat censored) photos of herself on Instagram lately, a practice that has earned Spears both criticism and support. Sure enough, she offered four new skin-bearing photos last night (or rather, four different edits of the same photo). In them, Spears wears only some wristbands as she poses nude by a door, with a heart emoji doing a bit of covering up.

There appears to be an issue with that door, though, since it seems to bulge out in an unnatural way by its handle. So, it appears either Spears posed next to some odd architecture or some photo editing is at play here and a smudge tool was used to make her stomach appear flatter, with the altered door being an unintended consequence of the Photoshopping.

Fans took notice of this and shared their thoughts in the comments, some of which included, “Nice photoshop lol [laughing emoji] the door by her stomach is curved out,” “Gurl you gotta stop the photoshop. As least don’t have a bent door,” “I love your curvy door,” and, “I’ve always been intrigued by doors that don’t form a perfect rectangle. It feels so Picasso’sh.”

Also in the comments was Demi Lovato, who offered some praise and wrote simply, “You’re beautiful Britney [black heart emojis].” Lovato, like Spears, is a Disney alum: Lovato’s breakout role was in the 2008 Disney Channel movie Camp Rock while Spears was on The All New Mickey Mouse Club as a youngster.