Britney Spears Vents About Seeking A Boob Job, Having A Secret Boyfriend, And More

Last week, Britney Spears’ frequently used Instagram account was mysteriously deactivated. While it’s not clear what happened there, Spears returned to the platform a few days later. Now, she’s back to posting and last night, she took the opportunity to vent about a few annoyances in her life, past and present.

In a post shared yesterday, Spears notes she has considered getting a boob job and even tried taking some initial steps to make it happen, writing:

“It’s crazy living in Los Angeles … I was thinking about getting a boob job … my boobs are fairly small … I mean with the right bra it’s fine but I was curious what a doctor would say !!! I lost 7 pounds in the last 6 months and that’s a lot for me !!! I’m officially part of the ‘itty bitty titty committee’ … they shrunk !!! I don’t know where my boobs went … well I show up at the office and I’m going the back way walking up 8 flights of stairs !!! I’m like WTF is this ??? They want you to die before you make it there !!! F*CK THIS !!! Nobody was there to let us in … uhhh how long do we wait here ??? 10 minutes go by … 15 minutes … f*ck that !!! I’ve never been back.”

She then goes into how she’s rarely been satisfied with photoshoots of herself and how her father used to talk about her weight:

“I haven’t been shot well though, I’ve never been more humiliated and embarrassed in my life during the years in my conservatorship. Yes I do care and anyone would if you saw yourself the way I have … my dad always told me I was fat and being the heavy girl on stage wasn’t fun … It was humiliating !!! I had one good cover in 13 years of my conservatorship … the rest were all extremely bad !!! They could have at least cheated and used technology … but they used it to make it worse !!! Such a f*cking waste of time […] I am absolutely a victim to all of the societal objectifications and exploitations that women are subjected to … I have bought into myself at times.”

In another post shared a few hours later, Spears noted just before the start of her conservatorship, she had a secret boyfriend:

“I even used to have a boyfriend whom we had a secret relationship … secrets are intimidating … like what’s your secret recipe ???? My family couldn’t stand the fact I disappeared into oblivion in my relationship !!!! They never heard from me anymore … like ‘What’s her deal? We want to know!’ 6 months later my dad took over my whole career and cut all my friends out and boyfriend … even one lady I had coffee with was my mom’s friend and I was told I couldn’t see !!!!”

She also wrote about a general sense of not feeling included. Offering an example, she wrote, “I brought my dancers to several nice restaurants and paid for it all and they would have parties on lakes I didn’t even know existed and not once was I invited !!!”

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