Britney Spears Reportedly Signed A Book Deal That’s One Of The Biggest Ever

Britney Spears has been through a lot over the years, and as is the case with any complicated situation, there are likely elements of which the public is not aware. Now, it appears Spears is ready to pull back that curtain: Page Six reports Spears signed a massive book deal with Simon & Schuster to write a memoir. Variety later confirmed the deal with “a source close to Spears” and reported the book “will provide Spears’ accounts of and commentary on her rise to fame, her music career, and her relationship with her family.”

The deal reportedly came after a bidding war between multiple publishers and has a reported value of $15 million. A source claims “the deal is one of the biggest of all time, behind the Obamas.” Barack and Michelle Obama’s 2017 deal with Penguin Random House was worth a reported $60 million.

Spears has definitely mentioned writing a book in recent months: In October, she detailed her idea for a novel about murder, a concept that fans speculated was actually based on Spears’ life and family issues. She also threw shade at her sister Jamie Lynn’s book shortly after, coming up with some cheeky alternate titles for it under the guise of writing her own book. A book could be the best venue for Spears to share her story, as she said last month she’s “scared” of doing interviews. The book could be one of the “so many exciting projects ahead” Spears recently mentioned.

The idea of writing a book has had at least some real estate in Spears’ head for years now: In the 2008 documentary Britney: For The Record, Spears said, “I’ll have a good book one day. A good, mysterious book.”