Britney Spears’ Housekeeper Reportedly Accuses Her Of Battery, But Her Team Says The Claims Are False

Britney Spears may have been able to celebrate the news that her father will eventually step down from his role as her co-conservator, but the singer has now reportedly landed herself in some more unwanted legal trouble. This time, it involves one of her housekeepers.

TMZ issued a report on the incident. According to the publication, Spears’ housekeeper filed a police report earlier this week, claiming she and the singer got into a physical altercation over an argument about her dogs. The housekeeper reportedly told the Ventura County Sheriff’s department that she had taken one of Spears’ dogs to the vet, claiming there was an issue with how the singer was treating her pet. The housekeeper then alleged that, upon returning, Spears confronted her and slapped her phone out of her hands. The housekeeper initially phoned police after the reported event, but ended up going down to Sheriff’s station to file a report.

Officers reportedly attempted to contact Spears about the incident, but she wouldn’t speak. TMZ claims the Sheriff’s department is investigating the incident, but someone from Spears team denies an altercation ever took place. The source took things one step further, reportedly claiming that the Sheriff’s department assured Spears’ team that the case wouldn’t hold up.

The last we heard from Britney, she was letting loose on social media. The singer has been posting a few topless photos to Instagram, which she said is her way of seeing herself “in a lighter way” after years of touring made her self-conscious about her body.