Britney Spears Reportedly Claims Justin Timberlake Cheated On Her And It Was With Another Celebrity

As Britney Spears’ new memoir The Woman In Me inches closer to its October 24 release, excerpts from the book have started to surface. There have been some real bombshells so far, most notably the claim that Spears got pregnant with Justin Timberlake’s baby and had an abortion. Now, there’s another JT-related breakout: TMZ reports that in the book, Spears claims Timberlake once cheated on her with another celebrity.

In the book, Spears apparently doesn’t name the person because they now have a family and Spears doesn’t want to embarrass them.

As for Timberlake, he hasn’t addressed these newly surfaced claims yet. A “source” told ET, “Justin has been focusing on his own family and trying not to concern himself with Britney’s memoir. In recent years, Justin has tried to be supportive of Britney from a distance. They dated so long ago, but he still has respect for her. Justin and Jessica [Biel] just want everyone to grow and evolve instead of continuing to bring up the past.”

Elsewhere in the book, Spears reflects on her first kiss with Timberlake, writing, “[Once] at a sleepover, we played Truth Or Dare, and someone dared Justin to kiss me. A Janet Jackson song played in the background as he leaned in and kissed me.”