BTS And ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ Are Collaborating For A Sweet In-Game Treat

As if releasing a cookbook wasn’t enough, BTS takes it a step further by becoming cookies themselves — in virtual form, of course.

We all know BTS and gaming go hand-in-hand. But what happens when you bring the world’s most popular boy band with one of the most popular mobile games on the market right now? Nothing but a sweet, sweet collaboration.

Mobile gaming developer Devsisters is set to release special in-game content with K-pop’s global stars on their popular game Cookie Run: Kingdom next month. Titled “Braver Together,” each member of BTS — Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook — will receive their own cookie character, as well as a special story that reflects each of them with BTS-themed maps, according to a report from Rolling Stone. Not to mention, the group’s cookie counterparts will also hold an in-game concert.

“The Cookie Run community is about celebrating diversity and supporting each other in choosing to be who you are,” CEO, Devsisters USA Marie Suh told the outlet in an interview. “We knew how well our core values aligned with those of BTS, so welcoming BTS and ARMY into the Cookie Run Universe felt like a natural fit.”

The first teaser of the collaboration dropped on Tuesday, September 20, with a video of purple and white gummies taking over the screen, hinting BTS’ “borahae” — or “I purple (love) you” agenda. The “Braver Together” collaboration between BTS and Cookie Run: Kingdom is set to release on the mobile game on October 13.