Camila Cabello Reveals That Part Of Her ‘I Luv It’ Video With Playboi Carti Wasn’t Part Of The Plan

Camila Cabello did a recent interview appearance on Power 106 Los Angeles, where she opened up about how part of the “I Luv It” music video wasn’t entirely planned.

As Playboi Carti appears in the video for their collab, he had been running late and they decided to film in a gas station.

“Something happened with his plane, it was, like, this whole insane… chaos with the video,” Cabello shared. “He got there after the music video was actually wrapped, so we had to find a place to film his part of the video.”

“We ended up paying the guy that worked at the gas station to let it stay open for us,” she added. “So [Carti] got there and my mom had the… video screen and was low-key kinda directing. We had to beg the crew to stay.”

Thankfully, it all worked out, even if things were a bit hectic in the moment. Carti and Cabello got along really well. She wound up getting him on a song simply by sending him a DM on Instagram. “I said, ‘Hey, butterfly,” she pointed out in a separate interview for Apple Music. “And then he said, ‘CC,’ and then I said, ‘Carti.’ It was really cute.”

Check out Cabello discussing the “I Luv It” music video backstory, which starts around the 6-minute mark, above.