Carly Rae Jepsen Gives An Organic Live Performance Of ‘Dedicated’ Highlight ‘Too Much’

Since the days of “Call Me Maybe,” Jepsen has continued to establish herself as a high-level pop singer whose songs are as much fun as just about anybody’s. That’s a trend she continues on her newest album, Dedicated, with songs like “Too Much.” Even though the track is one of the more reflective ones on the record, the synth-led track is still a bouncy bop. In a new performance video of the song made for Vevo, the song is still lively, although it’s decidedly less synthy.

Instead, Jepsen took a more organic approach to the instrumentation, as she’s accompanied by musicians on guitars, drums, keyboards, and backing vocals. It’s an interesting rendition of the track, one that shows off an effective alternate approach and Jepsen’s versatility as a performer.

On the track, Jepsen sings about the excess in her life and the impact it has on her relationships, like in the opening verse, “Am I bad for you? / ‘Cause I live for the fire, and the rain, and the drama, too, boy / And it feels like you never say what you want / And it feels like I can’t get through, babe.”

Watch Jepsen’s performance of “Too Much” above, and read our review of a recent Carly Rae Jepsen concert here.