Charlie Puth Isn’t Over An Old Flame On His Emotional New Single ‘Cheating On You’

Charlie Puth has been active over the past couple months after a relatively quiet start to 2019. His first new song of the year was “I Warned Myself,” which was followed by “Mother.” Now he’s back with a third new single, “Cheating On You.”

The song is about having a hard time moving on from a past romance, despite having found somebody new, as Puth sings on the chorus, “I know I said, ‘Goodbye,’ and baby, you said it too / But when I touch her, I feel like I’m cheating on you.” Puth made is clear the song isn’t about anybody in particular, though, as the single art and the start of the video both say, “This song is not about a person, it’s about a feeling I’ve never had.”

Puth wrote of the song in a series of tweets over the past few days, “The final song out of this trilogy is called Cheating On You…and I promise the song doesn’t sound as the title suggests. I made this beat a long time ago on Instagram, and after I made that little video I started writing the words which would eventually become cheating on you. This song hurts, but it means the world to me that you are relating to it. thank you.”

One fan also shared a video of the Instagram video Puth mentioned, which shows the song at an early stage:

It’s not clear if this single is part of an upcoming album or not. “Cheating On You” is definitely the last piece of a trio, though, as Puth tweeted back in August, before the release of “I Warned Myself,” “Since everybody is asking….I am putting out three songs…first one comes next week.”

Watch the video for “Cheating On You” above.