Cher Is Co-Producing Her Own Biopic With Judy Craymer And Gary Goetzman Of ‘Mamma Mia!’

The upcoming biopic about Cher’s life is being announced as only Cher would do it — via a caps lock tweet. On the day before the icon’s 75th (!) birthday, she broke the news on Twitter, and a press release followed shortly after, letting fans know that Universal Pictures will handle the release of the film. She also shared that Judy Craymer and Gary Goetzman, who produced both of the Mamma Mia! films will be producing and Eric Roth, writer behind films like Forrest Gump and A Star Is Born has signed on to write the project. According to a press release, Cher will also be co-producing the film.

That’s a pretty star-studded lineup already, who can hopefully do justice to the pop diva’s tumultuous life. Judy Craymer commented that she and Goetzman feel inspired by Cher’s talent, vision, and success, and are thrilled to work on the project.

“Gary and I are thrilled to be working with Cher again and this time bringing her empowering and true-life odyssey to the big screen. One cannot help but be drawn to and inspired by Cher’s larger than life talent, fortitude, unique wit, warmth, and vision. Her unparalleled success in music film and tv has inspired generations. We could not be happier to tell her story to cinema audiences.”

That’s all the info for now, but keep an eye out for casting news and other updates as the project progresses.