Coldplay Was Transcendent Performing ‘Human Heart’ And ‘Fix You’ On ‘Saturday Night Live’

In their second performance of the night on the Saturday Night Live stage, Coldplay delivered an A Cappella version of “Human Heart.” The song features Jacob Collier, who was present during the performance of the song, which comes from the band’s 2021 album, Music Of The Spheres.

Much like the previous performance, Coldplay was surrounded by colorful lights on the stage, and in the hands of the Jason Max Ferdinand Singers, who, once again, accompanied the band onstage. In the middle of “Human Heart,” as lead vocalist Chris Martin and the choir performed without instrumentation, the beat began to pick up. Martin then began to sing one of Coldplay’s signature hits, “Fix You.”

The song was originally released in 2005, on their album, X&Ybut has remained a fan favorite for nearly two decades. As “Fix You” progressed, Martin and the chorus began to sing louder and louder, displaying the wide range of emotions the song is known to evoke.

Whether the band plays old hits or new hits, we’ve seen that Coldplay’s music transcends time. Though, it appears the band may be gearing up for a new era soon. In an interview with Canadian publication City News, Martin revealed that they are almost finished with the follow-up to Music Of The Spheres.

“We’re finishing an album called Moon Music,” Martin said, “which is the second Music Of The Spheres volume, but that won’t come out for a little bit. We might start playing some songs at some point this year.”

In the meantime, you can heck out the performance of “Human Heart” and “Fix You” above.