Dua Lipa Made Shoppers Uncomfortable By Only Speaking In Her Own Lyrics For An ‘Ellen’ Prank

Ellen DeGeneres has pulled a prank or two in her days of hosting Ellen, and one of the recurring ones is when she sends one of her writers, Lauren Pomerantz, out into the world to approach strangers and talk to them only using song lyrics. Ellen has once again brought that segment back, but this time, Pomerantz was joined at World Market in Los Angeles by Dua Lipa, who weirded some folks out with her seemingly cryptic way of speaking.

Lipa approached her first target and began with some “Don’t Start Now” lyrics, saying, “I did a full 180, it was crazy.” That prompted a confused response of, “You did?” Lipa continued, “Did the heartbreak change me? Maybe. But look at where I ended up.” At this point, the shopper was being supportive of what seemed to be a life-changing experience for this mystery stranger, saying things like, “Looking good girl,” and, “Well good for you girl, I love it.”

She approached another pair of shoppers with some “One Kiss” lyrics, and they were understandably freaked out. After Lipa told them, “Something in you lit up heaven in me. The feeling just won’t let me sleep,” one of them said, “OK, thanks for sharing,” as they both walked away from the situation.

Watch the segment above.

Dua Lipa is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.