Dua Lipa Brought An Extended Orchestral Version Of ‘Don’t Start Now’ To ‘The Tonight Show’

The start of November also marked the start of a new era for Dua Lipa: She released her first Future Nostalgia single, the disco-inspired “Don’t Start Now.” On The Tonight Show yesterday, she amped up the song’s disco elements with a performance of the song. Dua Lipa was backed by a group of back-up singers, a full band, and a small orchestra section, which made the already-funky song feel even funkier. The extended instrumental section in the middle of the song was also a tremendous touch that would be welcomed on an officially remixed version of the song.

Last night was the second day of a sort of Tonight Show mini takeover for Dua Lipa: She was on the program the previous night as a guest, and she teased her then-upcoming performance, saying, “I have to say that tomorrow’s performance is a little bit different from what everyone else has seen, because we’re doing a kind of orchestral rendition of the track. So it’s fun, it’s a whole disco orchestra vibe.” She also spoke about her love for hip-hop as a kid, saying of her first concert, “Going to the Method Man and Redman show was kind of my first introduction to Wu-Tang. Then when I went to my second show, which was 50 Cent, I read the book, watched the movie, learned all the words… I went fully prepared. Massive 50 Cent fan.”

Watch Dua Lipa perform “Don’t Start Now” above.

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