Billie Eilish Shares Risqué Behind-The-Scenes Footage From Her ‘Lost Cause’ Video

Billie Eilish’s new “Lost Cause” video is decidedly casual. The clip shows her and some friends enjoying a day around the house, doing things like playing games, snacking, laughing together, and just enjoying a fun time. The video isn’t entirely freeform, though, as there are some shots where Eilish and company do choreographed dancing. Over the weekend, Eilish shared some behind-the-scenes footage of rehearsal for those scenes, and thanks to her loose and revealing outfit, she experienced some wardrobe malfunctions.

On TikTok, Eilish shared a clip of her and her co-stars practicing the dance routine. At one point, Eilish’s chest is more exposed than she apparently wanted the world to see, so she covered it with an emoji and wrote in text superimposed onto the video, “titties was falling out.” Soon after, she messed up her dance moves and captioned the moment, “forgot the choreo.” Later, Eilish turns around so her back is facing the camera, but she was apparently showing off too much skin in that moment, as she used another emoji cover-up and wrote, “not showing u this.” She had one more revealing moment but elected not to obscure it, just writing, “titties falling out again.”

Meanwhile, Eilish will be teaming up with Amazon for their Prime Day Show later this month, for which she (along with Kid Cudi and HER) will be sharing exclusive performances on Prime Video.

Check out Eilish’s behind-the-scenes video above.

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