Empress Of & Rina Sawayama’s ‘Kiss Me’ Video Is An Angelic Showing Of The Musicians’ Outer Worldly Offerings

Everything in life can’t be explained away. Some things are just divinely ordered. Empress Of’s latest single, “Kiss Me,” featuring Rina Sawayama, might be an example of the stars’ alignment for this magical moment in music. What started after as a favorable business decision to tour together just sparked a creative collision that resulted in the betterment of pop music. To some, that statement could be taken as a ridiculous exaggeration, but fans of the pair would beg to differ.

In the India Harris-directed video is an angelic showing of the musicians’ outer worldly offerings. Empress and Rina embrace the light within themselves, manifesting into celestial beings roaming the world in search of connectivity.

“I’ll keep you up, I’ll dance around / Freeze time for you / If this is love, I’ll settle down / Just tell me to,” sings Empress.

Later in the song, Rina belts out, “Running around, I’ve never felt / So full of air (Yeah) / And when I breathe, I’m breathin’ life / Into our wings (Oh).”

They join in together on the chorus to harmonize, “Kiss me, kiss me slowly, slowly / Whisper, whisper, show me (Oh) / Show me (Show me) / That I’m your one and only / Kiss me, kiss me slowly, slowly / Whisper, whisper, show me / Show me (Show me).”

The track, which Valley Girl produced, is a divine showing of what pop can be when placed in the right hands.

Watch Empress Of’s video for the single “Kiss Me” featuring Rina Sawayama above.