Finneas Doesn’t Compare His Work With Billie Eilish To His Solo Career

So far, Finneas’ most significant contribution to culture at large is his work with Billie Eilish, who has become a chart-topping international superstar in recent years. Finneas has a nice solo career going for himself as well, and he insists that he doesn’t compare his career with his sister’s.

Speaking with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Finneas explained, “I think I always sort of looked at Billie’s career trajectory as this kind of anomalous fluke thing, even though we’re both proud of the music we’ve made. And I never ever thought, ‘I’m next.’ I thought, ‘Wow. How lucky am I to be involved in this thing that got to such great heights?’ I’m going to put music out under my name, the same way that we put music out under her name.”

Finneas is fresh off the release of his latest single, “The 90s,” which was the impetus behind his conversation with Lowe. The track comes from Finneas’ upcoming debut solo album, Optimist, which is set for release this fall.

Outside of his solo work and Eilish collaborations, Finneas has remained busy. Over the past few years, he has written and/or produced for and/or with artists like Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello, Halsey, Justin Bieber, and Kid Cudi.