Halsey Was Annoyed By How The Music Industry Treated Their Pregnancy

Halsey is fresh of the release of her new album If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power, but that’s not their most important output in recent days: Not long ago, she also gave birth, her biggest project yet. While that and the preceding pregnancy was naturally an important moment in Halsey’s life, she’s frustrated with how some people in the music industry handled their pregnancy.

Speaking with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, they spoke about the things they had to deal with from magazines and heads of companies, saying:

“You have to call the CEO of X, Y, Z and say, ‘Hey, hi. I’m just calling to let you know, I’m pregnant. Yeah. Yeah. I didn’t want you to find out on Instagram. I wanted to tell you myself, personally. It’s still business as usual over here though, don’t worry. Don’t worry. My personal choice isn’t going to affect your profitability or your productivity or your assembly line. And also, in what world would you ever have to call me to tell me that you were having a baby? But I have to call you because it impacts your product.’

I mean, there was publications that were like… You know, we were going out and trying to set up magazine covers based around the album release, and they were like, ‘Yeah, but is she going to be pregnant? Because we don’t want to do a maternity cover.’ And I was like, ‘It’s not a maternity cover. It’s about my album, I just happen to be pregnant.’ And they’re like, ‘No, it’s a pregnant cover.’ And I was like, ‘So I can’t go talk about my album?'”

She also spoke about deciding to have a baby in the first place, saying,

“I’m 26, and I tried very hard for this pregnancy and it was like, I’m financially independent, I’m pretty far along in my career, it feels like the right time for me to do it. And I got treated like a teen mom a lot of the times, you know what I mean? Where people were like, ‘Oh my God, you’re so young, and you have so much to do in your career, and you’re not married and you’re this.’ And it triggered all of these feelings of shame from when I was younger. It triggered a lot of old feelings of shame in me where I was like, how can you have an opinion, that kind of opinion on me making this decision? Because the flip side of it right, is that if I don’t and I wait until I’m in my 30s and I do SNL for the sixth time and have my seventh number one album and whatever. I’d do the same stuff over and over and over again. But then, there’s also, she worked too hard, she never had a family. She’s going to die alone, she was too obsessed with work, she never found someone. It’s a shame she’s not going to have any kids, her career’s not going to hold her at night. Okay. So nothing. So f*ck ’em and I just was like, ‘I’m going to do what I want to do,’ you know what I mean? I was like, ‘This is important to me.'”

Watch the interview above.