Hayley Kiyoko Doesn’t Run From Grief In Her Ethereal ‘Somewhere Between The Sand And The Stardust’ Single

It would appear that all is well for Hayley Kiyoko. The pop star’s May debut novel, Girls Like Girls, recently hit No. 1 on The New York Times Best Sellers list. She also participated in Can’t Cancel Pride 2023 last week.

But Kiyoko’s newest single, “Somewhere Between The Sand And The Stardust,” has brought attention to a more difficult part of her life, much like the bravely honest and self-aware single “Greenlight” did last month.

“A dear friend of mine recently passed away after a long struggle with mental health,” Kiyoko said in a statement. “It’s been difficult to balance my grief while also knowing that he is finally at peace. I wrote ‘Somewhere Between The Sand And The Stardust’ to remind those dealing with a loved one taking their own life that they are not alone — that all the complicated emotions they’re feeling are valid.”

She continued, “For me, it was a lot of anger, confusion, and what-ifs in that process. We must continue to care for those struggling with mental health issues as well as the people they rely on for support. This song is a tribute to loving the people who choose to stay and embracing and finding peace with the memory of those who don’t.”

In the powerful song, an ethereal beat swirls around Kiyoko’s poignant lyricism and evocative vocals. “I asked you to stay, but / You couldn’t wait anymore,” she sings. “I wish I was stronger, wish I convinced you / You said that it’s over, couldn’t continue / I love you forever / And I forgive you.”

Kiyoko also shared a throwback photo earlier this week with the late fashion designer Joshua Van Leader along with the caption, “This one is for you.”

Van Leader died by suicide last fall. Kiyoko posted an Instagram tribute to him on November 9, 2022. See it below, and listen to “Somewhere Between The Sand And The Stardust” above.

Hayley Kiyoko is a Warner Music artist. .