Jack Antonoff Has Beef With School Guidance Counselors For Dissing Musicians But Going All In On Astronauts

Sadly, some people die without ever fulfilling their life’s purpose. Others, like Bleachers‘ leader Jack Antonoff, are fortunate enough to know and work towards that inner calling at an early age. According to Antonoff, he was born to make music, and his multiple Grammy Award wins prove that. Unfortunately, not everyone considers being a professional musician a career path worth pursuing.

Yesterday (December 21), during his appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Antonoff jokingly revealed that he has beef with school guidance counselors for contributing to the stigma. When talking about his creative process going into recording an album, Antonoff put guidance counselors on blast.

“When I was younger, I always wanted to do music. And people would always be like, ‘Uh, well, that’s a tough life.’ Well, it’s all a tough life, and it’s also a beautiful life. And I wonder which guidance counselors got together and were like, ‘We’re gonna sh*t on this job,'” joked Antonoff.

He continued, “It’s not even like I want to fly in space. There’s music everywhere, and there’s so many jobs in music.”

Meyers joined in echoing the musicians’ argument: “If somebody walked into a guidance counselor’s [office] and said, ‘I want to be an astronaut,’ they’d be like, ‘Great,’ even though there’s like no astronauts.”

“Exactly. If someone wants to be an artist and work in music, somewhere along the way… it might be ending, but somewhere along the way, there this idea of, like, ‘Let’s get a plan B,'” exclaimed Antonoff.

In the case of musicians, typically, a diss track would follow things sort of digs, but maybe astronauts won’t get this transition where they’re at. Or maybe they don’t even have enough reception to respond. For those keeping track, Antonoff’s beef list now includes Ticketmaster and astronauts.

Watch the full interview above.