Kate McKinnon & Billie Eilish Channeled Their Inner Cat Ladies For The Hilarious ‘SNL’ Sketch ‘Whiskers R We’

The most recent episode of Saturday Night Live was (partly) about embracing the holiday spirit. Kate McKinnon’s opening monologue ushered in the Christmas cheer. Even musical guest Billie Eilish rounded out her performance of “What Was I Made For?” with “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.”

But the pair’s joint skit allowed them to put a feline twist on the special time of the year. Just as McKinnon made her highly-anticipated return to the show, so did her fictional kitty-loving character, Barbara DeDrew. With McKinnon reprising her hilarious role, Eilish had to channel her inner-cat lady as Paw-bree Hep-Purrn.

Both were on a mission to find a forever home for their fuzzy friends as part of their “Holiday Cat-tacular” adoption campaign. The writers on the show let the music pun fly as the duo listed off the animals up for grabs. Cindy Claw-ford, Cat Sajak, and Furr-ell Williams were some of the silly yet adorable names shared during the sketch.

If these pets were real, Taylor Swift’s beloved cover-gracing cat, Olivia Benson, would have some steep competition in the cuddle-obsessive online communities. Holding a candle next to McKinnion is hard, but Eilish certainly delivered.

Watch the sketch in the video above.