Kesha Tried To ‘Distract Everyone From My Titties Falling Out’ At The Taylor Hawkins Tribute And Damaged Her Vocal Cords

We’re now a few days removed from the Los Angeles edition Taylor Hawkins tribute concert, still in the digestion phase of the many highlights the 53-song show yielded. Kesha was part of both the LA event and the first one in London earlier this month. At both shows, she sang a song with Hawkins’ cover band Chevy Metal: T. Rex’s “Children Of The Revolution” in London and David Bowie’s “Heroes” in LA. During the more recent performance, Kesha had a wardrobe malfunction and actually managed to injure herself during it.

Sharing a photo of herself from the show, Kesha wrote on Instagram yesterday (September 29), “So. in the middle of my wardrobe malfunction I decided to distract everyone from my titties falling out by singing rly. Loud. And today I found out I hemorrhaged one of my vocal chords. Soooo. I’m posting all the pics from the f*cking moment bc. This was quite a moment.”

Before her performance, Kesha addressed the crowd, saying (as ET notes), “I feel really special to be here with all of you guys, because Taylor meant something different to each and every one of us. To some, he was a f*cking hero. He was a f*cking icon. He was a friend, he was a father, he was a husband. And for tonight, I just want to say, Taylor, you’re going to live with us for f*cking ever and ever.”

Earlier this month, following her appearance at the London tribute, she explained her inclusion in the show, saying, “I’m sure I seemed like one of the more random choices to take part, but I’ve been friends with the band for ages. I remember when ‘Tik Tok’ first came out [in 2009], I met [Foo Fighters] backstage at Madison Square Garden and I was definitely having some real imposter syndrome. Taylor, his wife Alison, Dave [Grohl], and Pat [Smear] all really took me under their wing and reassured me, ‘You’re good; you’re home.’”