Lady Gaga Applauds Britney Spears’ Efforts To End Her Conservatorship

A lot of positive energy has been flowing Britney Spears’ way over the past few days, as it was last Friday that her years-long conservatorship was officially brought to an end. Now, another major pop star, Lady Gaga, has offered some words of support, as she applauded Spears’ role in getting herself out of her conservatorship.

During a red carpet interview at the Los Angeles premiere of House Of Gucci, Gaga was asked if she would collaborate with Spears, to which she enthusiastically responded, “Of course I would! Of course.” She was then asked what her favorite Spears song is, and noted after some hesitation that “Oops!… I Did It Again” is one of her top picks.

Gaga then continued, “She’s a woman in this business that showed a lot of power in her sexuality, even in her youth, in a way that for me as a young woman was just so inspiring and empowering. I’d like to say this, truly: We can all root for her, but the person that changed her life was her. So this change that’s happening for her, it happened because of her, I believe. I’m excited for her future and I wish her all the best.”