Lana Del Rey Goes Back To Her ‘Video Games’ Days With The Swooning Single ‘Arcadia’

The last we heard about Lana Del Rey‘s album Blue Banisters, it was supposed to drop in late July and featured some questionable and meme-worthy artwork. But after updating the LP’s cover art and postponing the release, Lana has now unveiled some concrete details about the album alongside her latest single, “Arcadia.”

Lana’s “Arcadia” track is a callback to her “Video Game” days, showcasing the singers swooning vocals over a languid piano. After sharing the single, Lana announced Blue Banisters is officially slated for an October 22 release.

In a statement alongside the album announcement, Lana noted the criticism she’s received lately:

“I guess you could say this album is about what it was like, what happened, and what it’s like now. If you’re interested go back and listen to the first three songs I put out earlier. They chronicle the beginning. This song hits somewhere in the middle and by the time the record drops you will hear where we’re at today.

As much as the on going criticism has been trying, it at least has pushed me to explore my own family tree, to dig deep, and to continue to exhibit the fact that God only cares about how I move through the world. And for all of the skepticism about feigning fragility and unreasonable explanations of not showing general accountability- I must say I’ve enjoyed moving through the world beautifully- as a woman with grace and dignity.

Thank you to my friends over the last 18 years who have been an example of attraction not promotion. I’ve never felt the need to promote myself or tell my story, but if you’re interested this album does tell it- and does pretty much nothing more.”

Watch Lana’s “Arcadia” video above and find her Blue Banisters album artwork and tracklist below.


1. “Textbook”
2. “Blue Banisters”
3. “Arcadia”
4. “Interlude – The Trio”
5. “Black Bathing Suit”
6. “If You Lie Down With Me”
7. “Beautiful”
8. “Violets For Roses”
9. “Dealer”
10. “Thunder”
11. “Wildflower Wildfire”
12. “Nectar Of The Gods”
13. “Living Legend”
14. “Cherry Blossom”
15. “Sweet Carolina”

Blue Banisters is out 10/22 via Universal. Pre-order it here.