Lizzo Was Introduced To Australia’s ‘F*cked Up’ Shoey Tradition During Her Recent Show

Lizzo was in for a real surprise during her recent show in Sydney over the weekend, as the crowd introduced her to a popular Australian tradition: the shoey. In a viral TikTok video, they encourage the pop star to drink from her shoe before putting it back on her foot.

“Take a drink from my shoe? Is that what you’re saying?” Lizzo asked in confusion.

Thankfully, she had some tequila on hand and put the bottle into her shoe — not pouring the whole thing directly into it, which makes it a little better. “A reminder that this is f*cked up,” she told the crowd.

Lizzo also threw in a reference to her song, “About Damn Time,” as she geared up to take a very long drink from it. “Here goes nothing, b*tch.”

“F*ck Australia,” she added after finishing her first shoey. “How are you guys still walking if that’s how you take shots? I am scared that we’re not going to get through the rest of the show if I don’t start singing and singing soon.”

She is set to head to New Zealand and Japan for her next shows.

Check out the fan’s clip of Lizzo’s shoey introduction here.

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