Maren Morris Wrote A Birthday Song For Jimmy Kimmel, But Didn’t Put Much Effort Into It

Yesterday (November 13), Jimmy Kimmel celebrated his 52nd birthday, which this year happened to coincide with the CMA Awards. Since both the award show and Jimmy Kimmel Live! air on ABC, Kimmel decided to merge both occasions into a skit with Maren Morris, in which she sings Kimmel a song she wrote for his birthday.

Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo interrupts Kimmel’s monologue to tell him about a birthday surprise he has for him. It turns out Morris has the surprise, and the gift is that she penned a special tune for Kimmel in honor of his big day. As the song goes on, though, it becomes increasingly apparent that instead of writing a heartfelt song, Morris was just singing Kimmel’s Wikipedia page.

When Kimmel calls her out on it, she admits to her indiscretion, saying, “OK, fine: I had a really busy week, and I didn’t have time to write you a ‘special little birthday song.’ So I went on Wikipedia… how old are you, anyway?” Kimmel informs her that he just turned 52, and Morris shoots back, “You’re 52? Well, that’s too old for a special birthday song.”

Morris was one of many performers who took the stage during the CMAs broadcast, which also featured appearances from artists like Kacey Musgraves and Halsey.

Watch Morris sing her “special little birthday song” to Kimmel above.