Noah Kahan And Kacey Musgraves Make A Pleasant Connection On Their New Duet, ‘She Calls Me Back’

Noah Kahan has been killing it with collabs this summer. Over the course of the past few months, he’s released songs with the likes of Post Malone and Lizzie McAlpine. Tonight (October 6), Kahan has another promising duet on his hands — this time, with Kacey Musgraves.

The two artists have collaborated on a new version of “She Calls Me Back,” a fan favorite from Kahan’s 2022 album, Stick Season. On this song, two lovers reconnect briefly, finding joy in their rekindled friendship.

“Lost for a long time / Two parallel lines / Everything’s alright when she calls me back,” sings Kahan on the song’s chorus.

On her verse, Musgraves assures the man that while she has accepted that their past love is over, she still is happy to talk with him from time-to-time, while setting healthy boundaries.

“If you think that you could wake me up / Then you don’t know how well I’ll sleep / You love me and I don’t know why / I only call you once a week,” she sings.

With this updated version of “She Calls Me Back,” as well as his other collaborations, Kahan continues to demonstrate his versatility, as well as showcase his unmatched songwriting abilities.

You can listen to “She Calls Me Back” above.