Noah Kahan Would Love To ‘Make Some Weird Sh*t’ With Post Malone And The Two Bonded Over ‘Walk Hard’

Noah Kahan recently did a new interview with Billboard, where he opened up about the success of his Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever) album. Most interestingly, he spoke about his collaboration with Post Malone on “Dial Drunk” — and what the rapper was really like behind the scenes.

Kahan described their meeting as “exactly what I wanted an experience with Post Malone to be; he was sitting crossed-legged, drinking Bud Lights [and] smoking cigarettes.”

According to the publication, the two became close because they apparently both really love the movie Walk Hard.

Because of this, Kahan pointed out that “the hang is not over.”

“I would love to get in the room and write music with him [together from scratch],” he added. “What I love about [him] is he is so untethered by genre… I would love to make some weird sh*t.”

Over the past few months, Kahan has seen a surge in popularity after going viral on TikTok. While the album is his third, he made it during the pandemic and truly loved the result.

“There was a feeling in the studio of like, ‘Woah, this is something special,’” he described. “I felt so creatively in control… and I think, at the time, I couldn’t see that as a sign of success or relatability, it just felt so right for me that I was fine with whatever happened.”

Fans can check out Kahan’s collaboration with Post Malone here.