Olivia Rodrigo Was Once Mistaken For A Stripper And She Explained The Hilarious Misunderstanding On ‘Kimmel’

Olivia Rodrigo, as you surely know, is a singer and songwriter. More broadly speaking, she’s a musician, and even more broadly than that, she’s an entertainer. The trouble with describing somebody as an entertainer, though, is that it’s not a very specific term and it could mean any number of things. On at least one occasion, this led to Rodrigo being mistaken for a stripper.

Rodrigo was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (October 24), and a few minutes into the conversation, Kimmel asked what Rodrigo’s parents think of all her success. Rodrigo noted that while her father proudly brags about Rodrigo’s goings-on, her mother is more modest. Kimmel asked for an example of that and Rodrigo explained:

“Last year, I thought it was so funny: I was in Vegas for the Grammys, Grammys happened in Vegas last year. She was getting her hair done and the hairdresser’s like, ‘Oh, how old’s your daughter?’ She’s like, ‘Oh, she’s 19.’ ‘Oh, where is she right now?’ She’s like, ‘Oh, she’s working in Vegas,’ and [the hairdresser said], ‘Oh, well, what does she do?’ And my mom’s like, ‘Um… she’s in entertainment.'”

At this point, the audience laughed as they figured out where this story was heading. Rodrigo continued, “And so the hairdresser just stops asking questions because she thinks that I’m a stripper, which, God bless, I wish I had the core strength to do that, but that’s not me. So now, any time someone asks about my career, she just kind of makes them think I’m a stripper.”

Check out the full interview above.