Omar Apollo’s Nostalgic ‘Kamikaze’ Is Funny And Wistful At The Same Time

Omar Apollo keeps the new songs coming with “Kamikaze,” his third release of the summer after “Imagine U” and “Stayback.” The alt-indie songwriter’s latest picks up where his last left off, opening with a refrain of “Stay back, for what?” and launching into a nostalgic reminisce of simpler times, when he was “naive but I remember.” The instrumentation is simple but clean, with a strumming electric guitar and midtempo beat similar to the one from Frank Ocean’s breakout his “Novacane.”

Though weary and lovelorn, “Kamikaze” isn’t without its humor as Apollo describes his crush: “Ass round like cheerios / And you got a lil’ vimeo / What’s thе password? You just froze / Don’t you got enough material?” As Apollo explains in the press statement announcing the release, “‘Kamikaze’ is a song that taps into my old emotions, taking it back to when I was younger. When I made ‘Kamikaze’ I was reminiscing on how I used to feel for someone and realizing those feelings are lost and we’re left with nothing. It feels good to hold on to the memories without the feelings it gave me.”

Watch Omar Apollo’s lyrics video for “Kamikaze” above.

Omar Apollo is a Warner Music artist. .