Phoebe Bridgers Pulls Inspiration From The ‘Wise’ Way That Taylor Swift ‘Has Not Sacrificed Fun At All’

Phoebe Bridgers appeared alongside her reunited Boygenius bandmate for a new interview in Rolling Stone. During the piece, Bridgers details her relationship with pop star Taylor Swift. The two, who collaborated together for Swift’s vault track, “Nothing New,” from the 2021 rerecorded album, Red (Taylor’s Version), have been friends since.

Bridgers and Swift recently posed for a photo at a party together and have frequently expressed their admiration for one another. It seems she has pulled a lot more than musical inspiration from Swift, but also a philosophy for living life.

“I take inspiration from the people I see who are happy, and I’m still trying to,” Bridgers said. “She’s such a deep, wise human being, and has not sacrificed fun at all. She validates those boundaries that people have tried to take from her for her whole life.”

“You don’t hear enough about how people become successful and then happy. I’m able to hire my best friends to travel the world with me, and I don’t have any shitty people around anymore,” she added.

Swift, who has been notoriously private about her personal life in recent years, is currently still in a longterm relationship with actor Joe Alwyn. And, as her social media snaps with Bridgers show, she pops up at a moment’s notice without a single paparazzi sighting.