Sabrina Carpenter Channels Some Spooky Siren Energy In Her Fittingly Timed ‘Feather’ Music Video

Sabrina Carpenter perfectly timed her new video for her song, “Feather,” from her Emails I Can’t Send deluxe album, to drop on Halloween. In just the first few seconds, it’s clear why.

Carpenter pulls up in her best funeral attire before the video cuts to her grooving down the sidewalk in a different outfit — capturing the attention of some guys who start creepily following her in the process. However, she has other plans, as the three are hit by a truck, while Carpenter safely crosses the street and keeps going.

The next scene continues to play off male toxicity, as Carpenter is taking a boxing class and two guys chime in, trying to teach her how to throw a punch. “Your signals are mixed / You act like a b*tch / You fit every stereotype,” she sings as one of the fan-favorite lines.

Then, the horror energy kicks in, as the men fight each other — leading to a bloodbath in the process. Without spoilers, for those who have seen Bottoms, it very much is like that ending.

With visual nods to Romeo + Juliet in an early church scene and the blend of spooky inspirations, Carpenter continues leading men to their deaths, including her fellow former Disney actor Milo Manheim. Basically, it treats the fans who had been waiting for this to everything they could’ve hoped for.

Check out the “Feather” video above.