Selena Gomez And Kid Cudi Yearn For An Escape On ‘A Sweeter Place’

Selena Gomez doesn’t usually include a lot of features on her albums, and the new album she put out today, Rare, only has a couple: 6lack features on “Crowded Room,” and Kid Cudi appears on the album-closing “A Sweeter Place.”

“A Sweeter Place” is synth-led, hip-hop-influenced track on which Gomez and Cudi are looking for an escape, as Gomez sings, “Is there a place where I can hide away? / Red lips, french kiss my worries all away / There must be a sweeter place / We can sugarcoat the taste.”

Gomez spoke about working with Cudi on the song in a video shared by Spotify yesterday, saying:

“I’ll never forget my session with Scott — Kid Cudi — because he… obviously I’m a huge fan, but he definitely took the song that I had and turned it into something unbelievable. It was nothing when I sent him the song. Actually, technically, someone sent it without my permission at first because I was scared, but it’s OK, it worked out. I said, ‘I purely trust you with this,’ and I think that was super exciting for him. We had the best time, the best conversations, just music, how he approaches it. I felt very honored to have him on the album, and he’s a real nice guy.”

Cudi responded to that video, writing on Twitter, “I wont forget it either!! I had the best time!! Thank u for havin me! Love!”

Listen to “A Sweeter Place” above, and stream Rare below.

Rare is out now via Interscope. Get it here.