Taylor Swift Tells Stephen Colbert ‘Hey Stephen’ Isn’t About Him But Her Mood Board Says Otherwise

Taylor Swift is set to appear on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert tonight, where it seems they will talk about, among other things, Folklore (Taylor’s Version). Ahead of the broadcast, Swift shared a teaser clip, in which she unconvincingly denies that “Hey Stephen” is about Colbert.

The clip Swift shared shows Colbert cutting to the chase and asking if “Hey Stephen” is about him. Swift laughed and replied, “It’s just the power of music, Stephen. Good songs, they just make you feel like it’s about you.” Colbert replied, “Well, ‘Hey Stephen’ is definitely a good song.”

“Thank you! Yeah, it was really fun to record it again. In fact, to get me back in the same headspace as when I wrote it, I just wanted it to be really authentic as an experience, so I dug out my old mood board.” She then held up a poster board plastered in images of Colbert, the letters of his name, and hearts. Through quiet laughter coming from off-camera, Colbert said, “OK, um… Taylor, those are all pictures of me.” Swift looked down at the board, examined it, and shot back, “No.” Pointing to one standout image in the corner of the board, Swift noted, “This is a pizza.”

Watch the clip above.