Troye Sivan Laughs Recounting How Humble Jennie, His ‘The Idol’ Co-Star And A Blackpink Member, Was When They First Met

The Idol has officially premiered, and while it’s not exactly a critical hit so far, the cast has a ton of musical firepower: Aside from The Weeknd, Blackpink’s Jennie and Troye Sivan also have roles in the show. Sivan actually has a pretty funny story about the first time he and Jennie met.

In a video interview with Billboard‘s Tetris Kelly, Sivan spoke about what it was like working with Jennie and how their initial meeting went. He said:

“Jennie is so, so lovely. You know, the first day I met her, I’ll never forget. We were just making casual conversation, I think I was asking her about her travel plans. I was like, ‘Where did you come from?’ And she was like, ‘Oh, I flew in from’ wherever. And I was like, ‘Oh nice, what were you doing over there?’ And she was like, ‘Well, I’m in a band, so we were…’ And I was like, ‘Girl, I know. Like, literally the entire planet knows that you’re in a band [laughs].'”

He also noted of promoting the show, “I mean, it was really fun. I know a few creative directors, I’ve dated a few. So I know them really well. I am also fully that person. I catch myself now. Like, you know, on the press tour, for example, [Lily-Rose Depp is] just like looking unbelievable at all times, of course. And so I’m like, you know, like the gay best friend. It’s like taking a million pictures of her all the time. I think that is just like a very natural role for me to slip into.”