The Jonas Brothers Announce Limited-Broadway Residency In March Ahead of ‘The Album’ Release

The Jonas Brothers are really burning up as they continue to make the most of their musical return. If the sibling trio’s latest single, “Wings,” wasn’t enough to excite fans, their Broadway residency next month surely will.

Although the JoBros forthcoming album, appropriately titled, The Album, isn’t set to be released until May, that isn’t stopping them from taking the big stage for a crowd of their most loyal supporters. The residency will take place from March 14 to May 18, at the Marquis Theatre.

While it is not clear as to what the act will perform, it is rumored that one, not all, of their past albums (2007’s Jonas Brothers, 2008’s A Little Bit Longer, 2009’s Lines, Vines and Trying Times, or 2019’s Happiness Begins) will make up the entirety of the set. Maybe they will preview tracks from The Album or, at the bare minimum, perform their new single, “Wings.”

When discussing their new single, in a statement, the family said, “[this song] is the perfect start to this new chapter for us. The song is a great first taste of that creative exploration and what’s to come with The Album.”

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