Who Will Be The First Post-Strike Musical Guest On ‘The Tonight Show?’

All the late-night TV shows have been off the air for months now thanks to the WGA strike. That just came to an end, though, and late-night isn’t wasting time returning to the air, as they’re coming back next week. This is also good news for the music world, as without late-night shows, musicians have been stripped of opportunities for live performances on national TV.

The Tonight Show‘s first post-strike episode is coming on Monday, October 2, but who’s going to be Jimmy Fallon’s first post-strike musical guest? The answer, it turns out, is John Mayer.

Fallon shared a DIY promo video for the episode yesterday (September 28), in which he sits on the floor, plays guitar, and talk-sings, “We’re back Monday night. 11:35. NBC. Tonight Show. Matthew McConaughey is our first guest. He has a new children’s book out called Just Because, it’s great. John Mayer is our musical guest. He’s gonna play guitar as well. And sing. And Matthew McConaughey will sing, too. I haven’t asked him yet, but Matthew: Will you? Matthew McConaughey. John Mayer. Me. Tonight Show. This Monday. Check it out! We’re back!”

Mayer has been on Fallon a handful of times now, most recently as a musical guest in 2021.