Troye Sivan Opened Up About How Janet Jackson Changed His ‘Trajectory’ As A Songwriter

Troye Sivan recently released his new album, Something To Give Each Other. In support of it, he did an interview with Billboard’s Pop Shop podcast where he talked about the record — and some of his key influences in music.

“I talk a lot about Janet Jackson because she’s so important to me, but I saw her show at the Hollywood Bowl really early on in the process,” Sivan shared. “And, to me, it took me right back to when was I was like, however old I was, I was probably like 7… hearing ‘Together Again’ for the first time.”

“And that melody and those chords and the warmth that’s in that song literally changed the trajectory of my life,” he added. “The trajectory of my life as a musician and as a songwriter, specifically. And that’s something that I was really really striving for [on the new album]. I wanted something warm.”

Sivan also spoke about the possibility of doing a tour tied to the new album, with his fears tied to it.

“I’m intimidated because… when this tour happens, I want it to be the tour of my life,” he explained. “I really do. And I want to give the big pop show that I think this album is asking for, and these visuals are asking for. And so it’s a big job… So, I’m gonna take a second and regroup and then figure it out. For some reason, I really really really feel the pressure, I really do.”

For now, fans can listen to Sivan’s new record, which is out now.