Who Is Artemas? Meet The ‘I Like The Way You Kiss Me’ Singer

This week, a new song called “I Like The Way You Kiss Me” by the singer Artemas has made its way to No. 1 on the global Spotify chart with over eight million streams. Following the announcement of the rising musician taking over, many online had questions about who exactly he is — and how the song got so big.

Here’s what to know about him.

Who Is Artemas? Meet The “I Like The Way You Kiss Me” Singer

Artemas is an English-Cypriot singer who was born in 1999. His first single, “High 4 U,” dropped in November 2020. He has since followed that up with “If U Think I’m Pretty,” which got a boost of viral popularity and landed him on the UK Singles Chart this past February. That same month, he dropped his mixtape titled Pretty.

He hasn’t slowed down either, which led to the release of “I Like The Way You Kiss Me.” The song so far has reached No. 13 in the UK, and is charting even higher in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. By getting a boost from listeners around the globe, this has totaled up to earning him the top spot on Spotify — even if people in the US haven’t heard of him or the song yet.

As for Artemas’ placements on the US charts, the song is currently at No. 8 on Billboard‘s Hot Alternative Songs chart and No. 70 on the Hot 100 overall.

Check out Artemas’ “I Like The Way You Kiss Me” above.