Will Taylor Swift Go To The 2024 Super Bowl?

Congratulations are in order for the Kansas City Chiefs, who beat the Ravens 17-10 in AFC Championship Game yesterday (January 28) to secure their spot in Super Bowl LVIII. The game goes down on February 11 and of course, people are wondering if Taylor Swift will be in attendance.

Will Taylor Swift Go To The 2024 Super Bowl?

It seems that Swift would very much want to be at the big game. She has been in attendance to support Travis Kelce and the Chiefs throughout their playoff run, including yesterday, when she and Kelce shared a sweet post-game kiss.

There is a possible scheduling issue, though: The Eras Tour resumes soon, with a run of dates at Japan’s Tokyo Dome from February 7 to 10. This year’s Super Bowl is taking place in Las Vegas on the 11th, so considering a flight from Tokyo to Vegas is 12-plus hours, it would certainly be a tight turnaround for Swift to make it.

Variety did the math, though, and it turns out that thanks to the international date line, the timing actually isn’t as tight as it may seem:

“Running between the South and North poles, the international date line serves as the boundary between one calendar day and the next. When traveling eastbound over the line, the date decreases by one day, while going west over the boundary moves things forward by one day. Luckily, Swift is traveling east — meaning that she’ll be able to perform her concert on Saturday night in Tokyo, get a full night of rest, and as long as the 13-hour flight leaves before 6 p.m. Japan Standard Time on Sunday, she’ll land in Las Vegas before kickoff at 3:30 p.m. PT. Also helping the matter is Swift’s private jet, which will ensure a non-stop flight on an international journey where that usually does not exist.”

So, Swift hasn’t said anything about whether she plans to try making the big game, but it at least appears to be logistically possible.